While we all aspire to be financially independent and empowered by our 30s, not everything goes as planned all the time. We know how frustrating it is to painstakingly save up only to have a sudden expensive need pull you back to zero. Don’t worry—lahat tayo ay nakaranas nito. What is important is knowing how to get back on track while tweaking your money habits in order to avoid painful financial hits in the future.

Review your budget.

Find time to review your budget at tignan kung ano yung mga gastusin mo na puwedeng iwasan muna. Kahit gaano pa kaliit ang amount na 'yon, i-set aside mo padin ang pera na 'yon para maka buo ng savings. Remember that the whole point is to rebuild your funds, kaya importante na mag tabi ka lagi muna ng pera para sa sarili mo. To do this, you could…


Transfer a portion of your suweldo to a savings account right away.

Whether its with hard cash or through an ATM, immediately pipe a certain percentage of your salary to your savings account. May mga nagsasabi na kailangan mag tabi ng at least 20 percent of your monthly suweldo para maka ipon, pero pag dating sa finances, one size doesn’t fit all—you’ll need to carefully customize what you put in based on your lifestyle. Maging realistic ka sa pag set ng iyong saving goals.

Be liquid.

While this seems counter-intuitive, being liquid o ang pagkakaroon ng cash on hand can train you to quit swiping your card or withdrawing from your savings account each time you make a purchase. You can do this by adjusting your budget in such a way na may extra pera ka for miscellaneous expenses. Puwede mo i-tago ang pera na ito sa iyong drawer sa bahay. It sounds old school, but you can think of it as your financial buffer. It really comes in handy when you suddenly need cash for any reason. Maiiwasan mo na magastos ang naitabi mong pera sa savings account mo

Mag declutter.

Decluttering doubles as doing an inventory of your possessions. You’d be surprised about how much you actually have, and how many times you’ve bought a certain item just because you thought you lost it. (Case in point—kaka linis ko lang ng work area ko sa bahay and I found that I have three mason jars worth of pens.) It’ll also give you an overview of what can still be used at kung ano ang pwede mo i-benta at a discount, and the money you earn from that can go directly to your savings.

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Kumuha ng life insurance-investment plan kung saan automatic na ikakaltas ang contribution mo sa iyong payroll account.

These days, you’ve got so many investment plans options to choose from. A life insurance with an investment facet is a basic pick, since aside from protecting your family from the expenses that your eventual death will cause (macabre, but you have to prepare for these things), it also acts as “forced savings” which you can pull out after a certain amount of time—inclusive of the interest it has earned. Depending on your age, your health, your goals, and your earnings, an insurance/investment advisor can give you packages to choose from, some for as low as P2,000 a month.

Puwede mo bayaran ang monthy contributions mo over the bank counter, but it may be better to hook it up to your payroll account para hindi mo na kailangan problemahin ang mga deadlines or whether or not you have enough to shell out on a certain pay period. Treat these plans as something that you save and forget until the next rainy day. Ang maganda dito ay you know you have something to fall back on when needed, so make sure to pick a reliable financial company to help you efficiently protect and manage your funds.

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