Motherhood is no easy feat. The effort and dedication it requires make it a full-time job in itself. But despite motherhood being physically and mentally demanding, we’ve seen more and more mompreneurs on the rise. Juggling motherhood with running a business is a delicate balancing act, and one can’t help but wonder how these mompreneurs do it.


To give us a glimpse of how to run a successful business while staying on top of mommy duties, Female Network spoke with Janine Khaizaie of the popular online wellness spa, MassageMNL. Janine was already an entrepreneur before getting married and having a child. And while her then-business was doing well, she wanted to do something that would allow her to be a more hands-on wife and mom. “Now that I have a family, it's a lot different because I have a son who needs me. I always have to consider them before I do things unlike before.” And that’s how MassageMNL came to life. 

Despite keeping her family her top priority, Janine is not one to rest on her laurels. She understands that she needs to give her business enough attention, especially since she’s selling services and not products like before. “MassageMNL is service-based, I need to be more present with my employees.” she relates.

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Growing pains

Janine admits that while her business gives her the flexibility that she needs, she still struggles with managing her time sometimes, “I know I can only do so much that's why I focus on things that I know really matter. What I appreciate the most about having my own business is that I have the flexibility to move my schedule [and] attend to my son when he needs me.”


She also finds carving out time for herself challenging. “Since my responsibilities have doubled (managing a successful business and a healthy household), it has been tough to dedicate an 'alone' time without distractions or interruptions.” However, Janine believes that busy moms should make time to take care of themselves and recharge to do more and be more for their families. “It may be hard but I learned that taking time off is super vital because it helps me to have a clearer picture and vision not just for my family but for the business as well. And as mothers, we need to take extra care of ourselves so we can do more! Don't feel guilty for asking to have a little break”.


Realizations and takeaways

Taking on this business venture at this particular point in her life taught Janine a lot of things. One of them is adaptability. “You have to be flexible and learn to accept things. Mistakes can happen and the best thing about it is that it teaches you a lesson. Learn from it and make sure to apply it to your next venture. We don't grow if we don't learn and adapt.” 

She continued, “Each journey is unique and different, you will figure out what works for you best. And always trust your gut (most especially for us moms/women) we have this instinct, we should follow that intuition.”


Advice for aspiring entrepreneurs

Janine encourages mothers who are looking to venture into entrepreneurship to take heart and go for it. “It’s never too late to start your business anytime during motherhood.” To help with the transition, she emphasizes the importance of delegation, whether through hiring household help or any other way. “Remember that we all need help to make our business work. This is how we can manage running [both] a business and our household.” Lastly, she encourages aspiring mompreneurs not to be afraid of setting big goals. “Start small but have a bigger vision. And most importantly, trust the process and [put in] lots of faith and prayers.”


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