We stumbled upon a thread in GIRLTalk wherein they discussed about losing confidence in one's job. Threadstarter (TS) fall2pieces shares that she got transferred to another department because of downsizing. She feels demotivated and demoted because her new job doesn't even have a table or computer. So for fall2pieces and anyone who's going through the same dilemma, we weigh in on the issue and shed light whether to hang on or to let go of your current job.

Work it, girl and stay.

  • Sure you're boss is a pain in the arse, but you have to know that every company has its own monsters. Whether it's the boss or the policies, there is no such thing as a Utopian office.
  • You always assume the grass is greener on the side, but why don’t you try watering yours to make them lusher? Evaluate your skills and try to take classes to enrich them. Your boss might take notice of your initiative and see you in a different light.
  • Most of the times, work fatigue can be cured by simple breather. Take a three day vacation to refresh and reboot your senses.

Let it go; let it go!

  • Your life should not be all about work. If you rarely see your family, your health is deteriorating, and you're mentally agitated, it's time to pack your bags.
  • Being respected is a basic human right, so if you feel morally degraded, you shouldn't think twice about looking for another job.
  • When your job no longer challenges you or when your walking on thin ice (the company is about to fall apart), it's time to jump ship before it's too late.
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Always remember that your job is not your life. Your job should just be an enrichment sector of your life, not the entirety. As soon as you feel you’ve lost yourself and no one in the workplace seems to be valuing you, it's time to leave. You may choose to speak to your superior about it first or log on to job sites to seek better opportunities. And before you leave your current job, make sure you’ve got a new job waiting for you. A gap in the resume is a red flag to recruiters and may cause you to lose your self-esteem.


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