Kris Aquino is the newest endorser of Ever Bilena, and what’s more, her own beauty line under the brand called Kris Life Kits is currently in the works. The past months have seen her name all over social media: with 149,909 subscribers on "The Aquinos’" YouTube account and 1,202,741 followers on her Facebook page as of writing, it’s as if she has finally come into her own with her unique blend of honesty and hilarity that’s totally uncensored now that she’s finally calling the shots.


Her return to the limelight begs the question: “How did she do it?” During her recent Ever Bilena contract signing, she shared several insights on her success, and lessons she learned along the way:

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1. Always look presentable.

“Oiliness is next to joblessness... Totoo, ‘di ba,” exclaimed Kris. “It's so weird because we live in a tropical country where it is so humid but we're so conscious about being oily.”

Let’s admit it: It’s important to always look your best in a professional setting. While hulas is inevitable especially if you commute, remembering to freshen up won’t only make you look better, but also up your spirits and boost your confidence.

2. Do your research.

For every endeavor you’re planning to jump into, always remember to find out what you’re really in for. When Kris was considering signing with Ever Bilena, she explained that she did her homework.


“Four years ago, we did a market study because I was interested then in launching powder and lipsticks… and then we found out that in the Philippines, the number one retail brand—retail as in not direct selling… was Ever Bilena, and, if I'm not mistaken, close to 50 percent of the market. 47 ‘ata…

“4,500 ang outlets nila... So sabi ko, forward-thinking lang naman, sabi ko, 'If my face will be seen in 4,500 retail outlets, why not?'”

3. Don’t fall into debt.

“Everything that I have, every business I have, our home, our all, have all been paid for in hard-earned cash,” shared Kris. “That was my mom's lesson. Have no debts, because there's a shelf-life for my job.”

While not all of us can afford to always buy everything in cash, it’s still important to avoid accumulating debt that you can’t pay back. Make sure to manage your loans and to be faithful in paying your monthly dues to avoid financial trouble.


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4. “Everything is temporary.”

“By saying that it is temporary that's both good and bad, na when the times are tough, you know na dadaan 'yan, but when the times are good also, savor every minute of it because it's really not gonna last forever."

5. “Be good to the people who work for you and support you.”

Kris has always been known to be kind and generous to those around her because of this philosophy. “Treat your people well so that there will be loyalty, and give the due respect, because it is a relationship that is based on trust.”

6. The ending is often just the beginning.

There was a time when Kris was barely seen anywhere. “I had prayed na God, give me naman a nice exit because I felt that I was cheated of that,” she said, but it was also at that point when she realized that it wasn’t over for her just yet. “He opened a much bigger door… Now I get to run the show! So it’s a lot of responsibility, but it’s also exciting because now you’re trusted…


“So sabi ko, ‘Thank you, God. ‘Yun na lang, and—well, I’m opening my new Chowking [on] January 31. Hahaha, nag-plug na ako!”

Oh, Kris. You do you.

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