It takes trial and error to get the perfect team. Someone amazing will not show up and become a star player overnight. Some job applicants might have stellar resumes but might have poor work ethics. So how do you go about screening people for your team? Take a look at these guidelines:

1. Study the habits of your company's best people.

Be aware of their strengths and weaknesses. Observe how they take on stressful tasks and succeed in accomplishing them. Check their best practices and take note of them--and look for these traits whenever you're interviewing a possible addition to your tream.

2. Hire the ones with the similar qualities of the star performers.

Now that you have a grasp of what your company needs to excel, search for these individuals. Go beyond their resume and try to ask them questions like, "What was the most difficult task you encountered in your previous company and how did you handle it?" and "How do you deal with stress?" Probing a candidate will give yiu an idea of her working habits and how she deals with challenges. Take note of these characteristics, and analyze if she can be a strong link in your organization.

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3. Be sensitive to body language.

Learn to read the interviewee's body language and determine if she's indeed ready to take on the job's challenges. How well does the job applicant answer your questions? Does she exude confidence and present herself well? Does the applicant look too timid, too overager, too high-strung, or too nervous? Be on the lookout for potential red flags and be wary of extremes.

4. Take advantage of the candidate's character references.

Be conscious of how they say their former staff did well—there is a big difference between, "Yes. She was a good employee" and "She's amazing, and the management regrets letting her go. She was such a strong player."

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