At the office, there are those whom you get on with like a house on fire. They are the people whom you, within five minutes of meeting, have already exchanged numbers, hobbies, and crushes with. Then, there are those who simply get on your nerves. You don’t know exactly what it is you dislike about them (or maybe you do), but you do know that you’d rather die a metaphorical death than work with them willingly.

While it's normal to dislike a person or two in your life, maybe it's about time you make peace with your own prejudices. Here are a couple of suggestions on how you can get over your least favorite person at work.


1. Identify the source.
First things first, you need to analyze where all your hate is coming from. Is it something she may have done to you in the past or is currently doing? Or is it something a bit more trivial (i.e. you just don’t like the way she talks or you’re jealous of her seemingly perfect life.)? According to an article on, you are probably 50 percent responsible for the hate cycle. "We’ve co-created and co-attracted this problem, and it’s vitally important to figure out how we’re maintaining it," says marriage and family therapist Kathy Caprino.

2. Forgive and forget.
Once you have identified the root cause of your dislike, learn to let your negative feelings go. You have an abundance of friends, a beautiful family, and a life so full of potential—why waste your time focusing on hate? Besides, whether you admit it or not, seething with anger won’t making you feel any better. "Hating her doesn't hurt her, it hurts you in the form of stress," reports "Forgiving your sworn enemy does not make what she did all right, but it does release the stress for you." Learn to let bygones be bygones. You may not be able to change her, but you can change the way your respond and live your life.

3. Look at the bigger picture.
When faced with real issues like poverty, abuse, and tragedy, your little spat becomes a bit less important. So every time you feel the urge to get mad and get even, think of how you could be devoting your energy to something else like volunteerism. That should quell down some of the negative vibes you’re sure to be giving off. iVillage presents another way of looking at things: "Stay focused on your larger dreams. Where do you want to be one year from now? While you’re learning new skills and taking on new responsibilities, your nemesis will become somebody else’s problem."

(Screencap from Bad Teacher courtesy of Columbia Pictures)

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