If there's one thing that the global pandemic taught us, it's that saving money is important. 

Aside from learning how to budget your income wisely, cutting back on your monthly expenses can also help you reach your ipon goals. 

To inspire you, Youtuber Janice Sabitsana, who's also known as Pinay Investor, recently shared how she's able to save at least P2,000 every month by lowering her utility bills. 


"Ang pinaka una kong ginawa ay nilista ko lahat ng mga expenses, kasama na yung mga fixed expenses pati na rin yung mga variable expensesyung nagbabago bago ang amount every month," she explained. "I discovered na may bills pala kami na pwedeng bawasan."

Check out how she did it below!

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1. Re-evaluate subscriptions

According to Janice, she used to spend P500 a month on cable. But during the pandemic, she realized, "hindi na kami gaano nanonood ng TV dahil may Youtube na."

To cut costs, she and her husband have decided to let go of their cable channel. "Yung ipambabayad dapat namin doon, pwede namin ilagay sa aming savings."


The former event organizer also canceled her postpaid plan, which helped her save around P1,000 per month. "We decided to switch to prepaid load. Mas mura pa. [Para sa amin,] ang P100, okay na 'yon for texting and calling. Minsan pa nga hindi na namin kailangan mag load kasi wala naman [kailangan] tawagan." 

2. Pay bills online

Take advantage of rewards points! Many online payment accounts let you earn rewards or cashback by paying your bills online. Initially, it may not seem like you're saving a lot. Over time, however, Janice shared that she was able to save almost P2,000 in total by paying her utility bills through Shopee. "Na-discover ko lang 'to nung November [2020]... malaking tipid talaga," she said. 

3. Lessen aircon usage

Here's a simple tip we learned from Janice on how to lessen our aircon usage: Make use of AC timers! "Since hindi naman ganoon kainit kapag madaling araw, tinitimer nalang namin so namamatay yung aircon around 3 a.m. or 4 a.m." She added, "from 12 to 16 hours, naging eight hours a day nalang [ang pag gamit namin ng aircon.]" 


By doing this, the content creator shared that she was able to save up to P500 per month. (READ: 5 Smart Ways to Lower Your Monthly Electric Bills)

You can watch Janice Sabitsana's full video here!


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