The current economic condition has undoubtedly given rise to more home-based “mompreneurs,” or full-time moms wanting to start or grow an online business to earn additional income for their families. But as every entrepreneur knows, starting a business is not always easy, and it helps to have a community of fellow business-minded mommies for much-needed support and encouragement.

This is where Madiskarte Moms PH finds its purpose. A Facebook community launched in the thick of the pandemic, Madiskarte Moms PH encourages entrepreneurship among moms wanting to earn from home through side hustles while still enjoying quality time with their families.

Together with its highly engaging YouTube channel, Madiskarte Moms PH is a safe, friendly space where beginners can interact with more seasoned sellers for tried and tested tips on growing a business while attending to their duties at home.

Powering Filipino business owners with strong connections and reliable digital tools, PLDT Home Biz has recently reached out to Madiskarte Moms PH’s 95,000 mompreneur members to provide much-needed support for their ventures.

“We saw the rise of home-based entrepreneurs using online tools to grow their businesses when the pandemic struck,” says Patrick Tang, First Vice President and Head of PLDT Home Customer Management. “Many of these ‘homepreneurs’ are moms or homemakers who wanted to find an extra source of income to support their families during this time of uncertainty.”

He adds: “As part of our advocacy to encourage entrepreneurship in the country, PLDT Home Biz is very supportive of these Filipino moms who are setting up their side hustles from the comfort and safety of their homes.”

He underscored that at PLDT Home Biz, they believe in supporting the dreams of every Filipino family through strong connectivity. “We are here to help them grow their side hustle into a registered and sustainable business.”

Join the Mommy Movement
There are many exclusive perks to joining Madiskarte Moms PH. In this safe online space, members can meet, learn, and collaborate with other like-minded mompreneurs. They are also entitled to free webinars and training led by mom industry experts, to help them kick-start or upgrade their side hustle skills.

Joining the ever-growing Facebook group and YouTube channel also gives easy and free access to community events and exclusive gatherings. This can expand our Madiskarte Moms’ network by connecting them with established entrepreneurs from different industries.

Educational materials and other tailor-made resources for mompreneurs are also available anytime to help them in their home-based business. Other activities such as live interactive sessions with side hustling- experienced personalities are held monthly.

"Dito sa Madiskarte Moms PH, madami kang matututunang diskarte para magsimula ng small business sa mas sulit na halaga,” says Tang. “You get to meet other mommies who share the same interests and who can offer you tips and best practices.”

“You can also interact with personalities who have already launched successful businesses and learn from them,” he adds. “Most of all, you can find partners or suppliers within the group who can help you grow your side hustle.”

As part of PLDT Home Biz’s support for the Madiskarte Moms, the brand is set to launch Gawad Madiskarte 2022—the community’s first grand awards dedicated to its members who have stood out with their inspiring entrepreneurial stories.

Powered by PLDT Home Biz, Gawad Madiskarte 2022: Pagkilala sa Tagumpay ng Madiskarteng Pinay pays tribute to the Filipina entrepreneurial spirit and celebrates successful home business owners who also inspire others to pursue their dreams.

Grow your business with confidence by joining the Madiskarte Moms PH community and connect with other mompreneurs, mom experts, partners, and suppliers as you start earning from the comfort of your home. Visit to sign up.

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This article is sponsored by PLDT Home.