Aside from low salaries, one of the reasons why people resign from their jobs is that they don’t feel appreciated, and there seems to be little room for growth. Sadly, there are many bosses who only look at employees as cogs in an already overworked machine—there’s very little effort made to make them feel engaged due to the mindset that “everyone is dispensable.” When companies don’t invest in their people, their people don’t invest in them.


Which is why it is important to put those who carry the business on their shoulders at the company’s forefront. Roberta Matuson writes on Forbes, “Many organizations hold a tight rein on training budgets because they fear people will leave the organization after they've invested all this money in them. This may occur. However, just as many people, if not more, leave organizations because they don't feel valued by their employers.”

People are any business’ greatest asset, and while there are still many institutions locally that don’t seem to highlight this enough, there are those who are actively participating in empowering employees. Accenture Philippines has been continuously striving for pay equality in the workplace by empowering their female employees through leadership development programs, by implementing a 120-day maternity leave long before the government has, and by supporting mothers through organizations that help women achieve proper balance at home and at work.

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Another example is Gandang Kalikasan Inc., the company behind Human Nature, which continues to push for employee regularization and end unfair contractual practices. Co-Founder and President of Human Nature Anna Meloto-Wilk explained in a release: "We are able to train our merchandisers better because they are regularized. We don’t have to incur the cost of training new workers every six months which impacts our business positively. They are also able to build better relationships with our retail partners and are more confident to make decisions on the floor because of their experience.”

Is the company you work for at par with the best? Here are signs that your employer really cares about your career satisfaction:

1. Management puts its people’s welfare above everything else.

Happy employees are 12% more productive than those who are miserable, according to a report on Fast Company. Does your office have quality chairs and equipment? Is the office clean and properly maintained? Do you practice disaster drills and have team building activities? If a company invests in your health and happiness, then that definitely counts for a lot!


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2. You’re fairly compensated.

You’re evaluated and appraised every year and are given proper salary increases. You’ve got all your government-sanctioned benefits, plus a few extras from management. Basically, you’re fairly paid for the amount of work you’re doing, and you don’t feel cheated out of anything.

3. You’re given a voice.

You have a say in your team’s decisions, and you know exactly what your role is in pursuing the company’s vision. You’re not merely an employee number—you’re an important part of the team.

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4. Your company trusts you.

It trusts you enough to give you ample training with little thought to the possibility of you leaving. It trusts you enough that their policies in place treat you as an adult, and not as a kid that needs disciplining. It enables you free rein to make creative decisions, and gives you enough space to move and breathe to actualize them.


5. You’re encouraged to have a life.

Your company understands the importance of rest and personal time. It doesn’t go beyond its professional boundaries to ask too much of you.

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