Admit it, when you started working, you were under the impression you'd be more financially free, given that you're already getting a monthly salary. However, a good number of us are still living paycheck-to-paycheck--or worse, drowning in debt. But that doesn't mean things should stay that way! Want to be financially free? Check out these tips from our GIRLTalkers (and join the discussion here!):


1. Always save.

From GIRLTalker lonelymiss28

I would say I am financially free. I am always a saver as far as I can remember. If ever I would have money, I will only spend 10% of it for luho and the rest sa savings na rin.

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2. Get extra income and take calculated risks.

From GIRLTalker Aquacharly:

Hindi ako papasok sa racket or business na hindi ako hands-on/in control. And I watch/manage expenses tightly.

I don't invest in get-rich-quick schemes, but I prefer to invest in income-generating hard assets like real estate to flip or lease, or heavy equipment to lease out/operate.

3. A setback is not a weakness.

From GIRLTalker lonelymiss28:

May mga kilala akong mag-asawa na yung lalake 'di nakapag tapos ng elementary pero they are well off. They have a business na pumatok. For me, it helps na may pinag-aralan ang isang tao, but it's still up to you (kung) papaano mo papayamanin ang buhay mo.

4. Make an effort to learn.

From GIRLTalker chichi143:

I study a lot. Coz if I won't, I'd end up with less cash. I attend seminars.

I read a lot about investments and [the] stock market nowadays, too. This month, I am going to sign up an account at COL, too. :) (excited)

Specifically, I liked: Rich Dad, Poor Dad by R. Kiyosaki, Think Rich, Grow Rich by Larry Gamboa.

And grabe ang daming information na nakuha just in a short span of time.


5. Have faith.

From GIRLTalker Aquacharly:

MOST IMPORTANT: I have great faith that God helps those who help themselves. He is very generous.

(Photo by via Flickr Creative Commons)

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