Earning money is the constant goal for everyone—money talks, and it makes the world go round. Obviously, having the word "millionaire" next to your name is truly a feat, and in this world of never-ending expenses and inflation, there are still extraordinary individuals who were able to reach their first million before they hit 30. The best part? They've openly shared their success stories and tips on GIRLTalk (lucky us)! Read on to get schooled.

1. Extreme situations toughen you up.

From GIRLTalker showermist:

Like the others, I had to experience yung walang wala na halos before I changed my mindset.

2. It's not all about the cold cash.

From GIRLTalker joban99:

I think we made our first million at the age of 28, just by working. We work abroad kaya it was a bit easier for us. But again, we didn't have one million in our hands. We saved our money for about 2 years, and built a house. Pero the building of the house was 1.3M, so you could say our first million was at the age of 28.


If you invest your money little by little in a major investment (worth 1M or more), you'll always strive to work harder to finish paying off that investment. Another great thing with investing your money little by little is once you do finish of that investment worth 1M or more, you'll realize that it wasn't that hard to make 1M in the first place, and your goals get much bigger.

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From GIRLTalker mhy_pie03:

Kung may assets na kayong nabili, don't feel bad na wala kayong maipon na M (million) kasi mas okay nga yung investments kesa sa pera na nakatengga lang sa bangko. Remember ang mga house and lot nag-aappreciate ang price. Ang pera bumababa ang value dahil naman sa inflation rate; meaning kung may 1M ka man ngayon, ang halaga niyan in the next 5–10yrs or more hindi na 1M dahil tumataas lalo ang cost of living.

3. Don't depend on plastic.


From GIRLTalker OD:

I never let those cards leave home until I was able to fully settle the balances to the last centavo. Then, I had them all cancelled.

From then on, saving money became so much easier as I was able to restrict purchases to what my available cash can only afford. Eto nakuha kong tip from Aga Muhlach: he only keeps a single wad of P500 bill in his wallet for impromptu purchases when he goes out. This was from an interview long, long time ago but it really does make sense even up to this day.

4. Find extra sources of income.

From GIRLTalker beach:

Add income streams para hindi umabot ng five years to make the first million.

5. Save up, really.

From GIRLTalker OD:

70-80% of my income was kept as savings then the rest for expenses na. Majority of the expenditure went mostly to settling bills then grocery items na. Since the nature of my work deterred me from staying/strolling in malls, I was able to keep myself from buying things on a whim. Try to grow or catch some phobia from malls prior to payday para you can apportion your income more appropriately.


Good luck, FNites!

(Photo from Sleep School via Brighthouse Baubles on Pinterest)

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