workspace_organization.jpgTell us if this sounds familiar: you’re at work, seated at your desk, and laid out before you are several to-do lists from the past few days scribbled on varicolored notepads, bills due and overdue, your mobile phone and landline phone, credit card statements, your handbag (with most of its contents spilled onto your table), your computer, and a number of other things you really should see to. The mere sight of this clutter triggers a mild migraine and takes your focus away from whatever urgent work items need attention today.

These are the perils of an unmaintained work area, and your messy desk is more than likely neither the only one in your office nor something that escapes the notice of your superiors. Unfortunately, not everyone has the benefit of an office hot desking or hotelling system at the workplace, which is a free-seating setup or arrangement that has multiple users of the same work area at different times of the day, thus discouraging any permanent items on and inside office cubicles. And so most of us become victims of our own piles of stuff.

Help yourself evade this junk trap with some of the tips we’ve provided in the slide show below.

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