No one likes a show-off, especially in a country like the Philippines where being humble is synonymous to having good manners. The downside of being too modest, however, is that people think twice about acknowledging their own merits, and this holds especially true in the workplace, where asserting your skills and listing your accomplishments can make you seem like the resident hambog.


Self-promotion in itself isn't bad, especially since in a professional setting, your colleagues have to know what you're capable off in order for your system to be more efficient and productive. Being too humble to the point of downplaying what you can do isn't only unhealthily lowering your team's expectations of you, it's also robbing you of experiences, and most probably even a promotion.

The trick is to find the balance between shortchanging yourself and walking around with an over-inflated ego. Here are ways on how you can confidently assert yourself and your achievements without coming off as mayabang.

Know exactly what you can and can't do.

First and foremost, manage your own expectations. Be honest with yourself when listing down your strengths and weaknesses. Take each one as they are, no more, no less. Knowing your limitations can help you manage expectations of others, while you work on pushing your own borders at your own pace.

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Don't be that person tagged as the office know-it-all. Sure, you may know more than most, but that doesn't mean that you have to always do things your way, or that the suggestions of other people are invalid. Listen to those around you, because no matter how skilled you are, you can always learn something new from the experiences of others. 

Come from a sincere place of wanting to help.

Don't toot your own horn for the sake of making loud, random (and often annoying) comments. Instead, use your skills to actually help your teammates improve your workflow. That's better use of energy, isn't it?

Avoid being a humblebrag.

It's so easy to spot humblebrags: aside from the ones you see on social media, they're also very rampant in the workplace as those who pretend not to enjoy the attention but who can't stop talking about themselves.

Do more, talk less, and always acknowledge that you're not the only star of the show: your skills are nothing if they can't lift others up. Connect with your colleagues, and always share the limelight. 


Own your achievements.

In the workplace, the win of one is the win of all; however, give credit where credit is due, especially if you yourself did an awesome job. You don't need to push away your achievements. Instead, own them and build on them. When people commend you on what you've done, be gracious enough to thank them, but that doesn't mean that you can already rest on your laurels. There's always room to improve, and the more you do, the more your actions speak for you.

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