They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and gold and silver aren’t bad to have around either. But are they as good an investment as other people say they are? According to the 2013 World Wealth Report, as published in, jewelry (and not art) is the most popular passion investment. And just last year, Sotheby's, a prestigious auction house, reportedly raked in $460.5 million in jewelry sales—the highest they've ever earned. Is this proof that jewelry is something you can actually profit from, or is it something that's more worthy of saving for your children? FN’s GIRLTalkers share their views below:

1. ms. libra
My elder sister is into selling jewelry, actually lahat binebenta niya pero dito sa jewelry siya talaga kumikita ng malaki. Kasama na ding sa foreigners siya nagbebenta from gold, white gold, silver and commercial jewelry. Naka-jackpot din at ngayon nagpapadala na din siya ng jewelry sa ibang bansa. Okay din kasi kapag hindi nagustuhan ng buyers, napapapalitan niya sa supplier niya sa Ongpin.

(My older sister is into selling jewelry, actually she sells everything, but she really earns more from jewelry. She also sells gold, white gold, silver, and commercial jewelry to foreigners. She landed a jackpot and is now even exporting jewelry. If buyers don’t like what they bought, she can just have it exchanged with her supplier in Ongpin.)

2. ratacutie
I "invest" in jewelry more for purposes of additional mana for my daughter and son. Not really intending to make money out of it. Same with the watches that my husband and I collect... Pang pamana sa mga anak (they're for my children’s inheritance).

3. aquacharly
If you are talking about liquidity and appreciation in jewelry as investment... Konti pa lang nakita ko nakabenta na hindi palugi kapag nangangailangan magbenta (I’ve only ever seen a few who didn't lose money when they really needed to sell.).

BUT if you will look at jewelry investment as a hedge versus price increases in the future, sure go ahead.

What I mean is... For example, if you buy a 2K diamond ring now, and well, gold price trends definitely go up, same with diamonds... that, for example, P1 peso price now will surely be P1++ in a few years.

Jewelry as an investment to keep or to gift away... Sure, go ahead. But jewelry as an investment to profitably turn around or as a nest egg for bad times... No.

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4. little_princess
Can’t agree with you more! Jewelry is something to enjoy and to be passed on... My mom has always been a fan of jewelry and diamonds... she has taught me to buy to enjoy. And buy within your means...

My lola (grandmother) collected jewelry as well, lot of chinese gold, diamonds, rubies and blue sapphires and sold the remainder of her items to a jewelry shop after she enjoyed [them] and she was able to buy a house [from her earnings]. That is just amazing for me. My mom even passed on a set from my lola to me an another ring that she wore a lot when she was younger, if I resell that, the gold alone would surpass the purchase price.

5. luckypal
It's always good to have an assortment of investments—mutual funds, real estate, jewelry, etc... It just depends on your short- and long-term goals. Jewelry, IMO, is good for long-term and pamana (inheritance) purposes. It will get more and more expensive to buy these rocks and metals in the future, so if one invested in jewelry before, the older generations can help the younger ones in the future by resetting old stones/settings into new ones.

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