Are you thinking of being an Aice ice cream reseller, especially now that it's summer and people will be wanting icy treats? got to talk to Camille Puebla, the Media Marketing Supervisor of Aice Philippines, and she shared the process of being a reseller of Aice:


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How to be an Aice reseller:

1. Inquire!

Send a message to (02) 7501-7577, send a message to the official Aice Facebook page, visit the Aice website, or send an email to

Aice will ask for the following information from you: name or contact person, address in regard to where the franchise will be, contact number, two (2) valid IDs. Some branches do ask for additional information such as: business permit or DTI permit, barangay clearance, and proof of billing.


They will assess the information and will forward your concerns to a branch/distributor from your desired franchise location.

2. The branch will explain the needs and requirements, including the fees and start-up payment.

3. The branch will go to your address for a site survey.

The site survey is required so they can know if the location is optimal for selling ice cream and that there's no existing Aice seller near the area.

4. The branch will schedule a delivery of the freezer to the address.

5. Payments are done COD (cash on delivery) only.

The freezer is included or free of use. You just need to purchase the required initial order or number of ice cream boxes.


How much does it cost to be an Aice reseller:

Camille says, "It really depends on the branch." The applicant will only need to pay the initial capital, which is the total amount for their required initial order. Camille says that the initial capital will be around P9,000 to 10,000.

Do take note that this amount already includes the Aice freezer.

How much can you earn from selling Aice ice cream:

Camille says that this will heavily depend on your sales. She adds, "You will get more or less a 20% profit from the capital."


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