While it's most common to be wary of someone who is trying to get into a romantic relationship with you just for the money it can bring them, you should also be careful with friends, colleagues, and even relatives who try to get close to you because of how much you have in your wallet.


Before you get entangled with these kinds of people, and be so emotionally invested in them, here are ways to spot them:

1. They suddenly treat you like you’re their best friend since birth.

They come out of the woodwork when everything’s going well in your life. Some can be people you know from way back who are suddenly feeling close but have never even sent so much as a Facebook birthday greeting in years. Be wary of those who suddenly appear kind and accessible – they may be sweetening you up for something that they want.

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2. They often drop hints about not having enough money.

Conversations with gold diggers may often shift towards their financial status. They may tell you that they don’t have enough money to pay for necessities, or that they want something so bad but they just can’t afford it. They may play at your emotions, and while it’s okay to help them out once or twice, be on the look-out for regular dole-out requests that can eventually affect your personal finances.


3. They like to get rich fast…

…And often at the expense of others. While most people fall back on hard work to make ends meet and maybe get a little extra for a shopping spree or a vacation, they’d rather not break a sweat but instead, play off the success of others. Some may also participate in get-rich-quick schemes, so watch out for any scammy “business offers” they may bring up.

4. They have a huge sense of entitlement.

They think that they deserve everything that they ask for, no matter how illogical their wants may seem. Some are even proud of it, explicitly saying that they married or became friends with someone because of the money. They may feel that most people are not at par with them, and tend to disregard those they can’t use. Better step back from all that negativity – you can do without people who think that money and fame are the be-all and end-all of happiness.


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