Pursuing your passion, even in this day and age, is considered a risk. Chasing your dreams--instead of sticking to a stable job--is seen as a waste of time. Still, there are those who remain undeterred by the uncertainties of life, those who are willing to brave each challenge that comes with following their heart. Lai de Guzman, photographer and femtrepreneur, is one of them.

Ever since her high school days, family and friends would often see Lai holding a camera, taking random photos. Well until her first two corporate jobs, Lai carried the same fascination for photography, and she found herself signing up for a two-year apprenticeship program for a photography company.

Not long after, she resigned from her office job and pursued the craft full-time, fully knowing that from then on, she would not be able to rely on a regular salary. She had to give up a predictable schedule and shorter working hours, as well as weekends. Funds she would before allot for other things went to her gear and gear repair needs.

“It was a leap of faith,” Lai says. “I wanted to know how life would be if I worked as a professional photographer rather than just treating it as something I do on the side. By God's grace, I'm still a photographer. I am still in awe at how things are turning out to be.”

In 2013, the Lai de Guzman Creative Services Inc. company was born, providing a variety of photography and design services. Planning to take the big leap and going for something that you're really passionate about? Lai says that you should go for it! “You must start somewhere,” she advises. “Love and embrace the entire process. Consider both the creative and entrepreneurial side. Always choose where you'll be a bigger blessing.”

(Photo courtesy of Lai de Guzman)

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