Climbing the corporate ladder isn’t always easy. But if you’re willing to put in the work, getting that corner office can become a reality. Here are some surefire ways to fast-track your career and get that well-deserved promotion.

1. Be visible in the organization.
Being a hard worker has its merits, but if no one in the company knows who you are, then you won’t advance in your career. Put yourself out there by interacting more with your colleagues and bosses and expanding your work circle. Knowing how to network is a plus, too. The more people who know you, the more you will be recognized and rewarded for your impressive work.

2. Volunteer to lead projects.

A surefire way of getting ahead at work is to be at the forefront of a successful project. If there’s a new initiative that you’re interested in and that you’re capable of doing, don’t be afraid to raise your hand when your boss asks for volunteers. Take ownership of the project, manage and execute it well, and you’ll soon be getting accolades from your boss and teammates. You can even use these projects to make a case for your promotion!

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3. Go beyond the call of duty.
Just showing up for work and putting in the hours won’t get you to the next level. If you want your name on the promotions list, you need to perform beyond expectations. Do an exceptional job even with the most menial tasks, and don’t be afraid to take on extra responsibilities. Show your boss that you’re ready for bigger and more challenging tasks. Keep in mind that promotion-worthy employees are those who eagerly go beyond their job descriptions and do a spanking job on it.

4. Be a problem solver.

No boss wants to hear just problems and complaints from his employees. So if you hit a roadblock at work, take a different approach and come to your boss with a list of solutions to the problems you encountered. Your boss will find it easier to make decisions since you’ve already done the grunt work of researching and finding the answers. By doing this, you’re also signaling to your boss that you’re someone who has initiative, reliable, and worthy of a bigger role.

5. Add on to your list of accomplishments.

When you have your eyes on the top, you always need to bring your A-game. Don’t be content with just one or two successes for your entire tenure in the company. Set bigger and more ambitious goals each year and do your best to hit your targets. Document all your projects, results, plus the feedback you’ve gotten so that you have written proof of your success. A long list of accomplishments isn’t just for bragging rights; it shows your manager how you’ve grown and progressed with each opportunity given to you, and that you’re ready for the next level.

6. Keep your skills sharp and relevant.

If you want to be an asset to the team, you need to constantly invest in your self-growth. Keep your skills and work knowledge up-to-date by attending seminars and workshops, reading books, or participating in professional, industry-related events. Meet with other people in your profession and learn from them. If you feel that you need to develop more skills to do your job more effectively, bring it up with your boss and request for the relevant trainings. By constantly improving your skills and knowledge, you’re setting yourself as an indispensable employee and you’ll be able to maximize your contributions to the company.

7. Talk about your goals with your boss.

If you want to fast-track your career, you and your boss have to be on the same page so that he can provide you with the support, opportunities, and tools you need to succeed. Set a meeting with your manager and ask him what you can do to have a shot at a promotion in the next X months. Get his input and advice on your career plans. You want your boss to be an ally since he’s directly responsible for your career progression in the company.

8. Dress for success.

Notice anything about the top performer and leader in your industry? Not only do they carry themselves well but they also dress the part. So why not give your corporate wardrobe an overhaul, and start dressing for the job you want to have? You’ll stand out from the crowd, gain more confidence, and look your best no matter what the situation. Trust us: Creating the right look and impression at work will do wonders for your career.

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