1. It won’t be a cake walk.

Consider your first day a luxury if you’re not asked to do anything. Half the time, you’ll be hitting the ground running, and the sudden whirlwind of tasks may leave you catching your breath. Don’t worry—give yourself time to adjust and you’ll get used to the pace soon enough.

2. You won’t be getting the salary you want for the moment.
A lot of fresh grads think that because they’ve come from really good schools, they can demand and get the salary that they want. Newsflash, kids: it doesn’t work that way. You will be starting on the same footing as thousands of other new hires, and that means that you’ll be getting salary that’s worth exactly what you know. It may not be much, but working your way up the ladder and getting rewarded with a promotion as you go along is much more satisfying that starting out on one of the highest rungs.

3. You’ll be left to your own devices.
Being good at your job means being maabilidad. You’ll need to figure a lot of things out on your own, may it be how to use the photocopier or finding who the manager for employee communications is. The people around you will have little time to explain every detail of your job to you, which brings us to the next fact.

4. You’ll have a lot of questions.
There is nothing embarrassing about not knowing a few things. If after researching on your own and you still haven’t got a proper solution to your problem, don’t be afraid to nicely ask your officemates about it. They’ll appreciate it, especially if they know you’ve tried your best to fix the issue first.

5. You’ll realize how much being a good and responsible citizen actually costs.
You’ll probably wince once you get your first paycheck. Yes, there’s an ample amount of money that goes to taxes and other government payables, and you will just have to live with it.

6. You don’t need to be totally dolled up every single day.
It’s normal to be all dressed up on your first week in your new office. Of course, you want every one to have a good impression of you. But as the days go on, you’ll slowly exchange high heels for a good pair of flats, and you’ll start wearing smart but comfortable clothes. You’ll still be snappy, but you’ll learn to take into account wardrobe functionality.

7. There will always be office politics.
There will be people who will talk about you and put you down. The best way to deal with the situation is to do your job and block the negativity out.

8. You'll learn a lot.
Your first job may not be your last, but it’s the first step towards your career goals. There will be days when you'll feel low, but do your best to keep your chin up. There are many great things in store for you. This is only the beginning!


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