Have you ever wished that life had a rewind button you could press during sticky situations? From sending an email to the wrong person to forgetting someone's name–here are some ways to handle some of the most cringe-worthy scenarios that can hapen at work.

Situation #1: Absentmindedly staring at your attractive co-workerHow to handle it: Instead of quickly turning your head the other way, play it cool and smile at him or give him a small nod. You can also pretend to be staring off into space, busy thinking of new ideas for your next project. Don't let him see that you were caught off guard because that would be even more embarrassing!

Situation #2: Sending a harmless personal email to the wrong person

How to handle it: Ignore it at first and wait for his reaction–don't go rushing to the person whom you sent the email to. According to CBS News, people get a lot of emails every day and yours may just get lost in his inbox. There's no sense in drawing even more attention to it. If the email is somewhat sensitive in nature, wait for his reaction, and then talk to him personally and apologize for your mistake.

Situation #3: Sending an email to the entire company
How to handle it: If you're using Gmail and you have your Undo Send settings switched on, then you can still cover your tracks (Don't know how to use this feature? Here's how!). If you're just using regular mail, then it depends on the content of the message. If it's an embarrassing photo of a family trip that you wanted to share with a colleague, you can simply apologize. If it's something serious that involves your job and the people you work with, it's best you talk to your boss about damage control.

Situation #4: Getting trapped in a conversation with a colleague who won't stop talking.

How to deal with it: You're having lunch when a co-worker who just has a lot of stories to tell sits beside you. Although you don't want to be rude, you know that this is going to be a long chat. Stay for a few minutes and then politely excuse yourself. Say something like, "I'd love to hear more about your sister-in-law's problems, but I have to send an email to a client. Next time!" and then make your escape.

Situation #5: Accidentally falling asleep while working… or worse, while you're in a meeting.

How to handle it: Ilene Rosen, MD, program director for the University of Pennsylvania Sleep Fellowship says falling asleep in a situation you don't want to is a sign that you're significantly sleep-deprived. If you're caught sleeping in a meeting, say sorry and drink coffee. The best way to handle this is to get enough shut-eye–try going to bed early or take a short nap before your meeting.

Situation #6: When you're browsing the internet and your boss passes by.
How to handle it: Tell him you're doing research and figuring out what people are saying about the company. Microsoft explains that social media monitoring helps companies track what customers and clients think and anticipate and address problems before they appear through normal channels. Go back to your boss with a report so he knows that you're not slacking off during office hours.

Situation #7: When your boss catches you lying
How to handle it: According to TIME, you shouldn't cover it up with another lie. It's best if you apologize and give a reasonable explanation. Don't forget to assure your boss that it won't happen again.

Situation #8: Forgetting someone’s name

How to handle it: Not everyone is capable of remembering all the names of the people they meet. If you really can’t recall someone's name, ask him a series of questions that might help jog your memory or avoid using his name altogether. If you can't avoid bringing it up, apologize sincerely and ask for his name again and don't forget it this time!


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