Remember that infamous showbiz incident where an allegedly drunk Baron Geisler urinated on Ping Medina while shooting the film Bubog, which led to him being banned by the Professional Artist Managers, Inc. (PAMI) from working with its talents.

All industries have a set of decorum that should be observed, because really, it's just about respecting yourself as well as the people you work with. While the example above may seem over-the-top, it just goes to show that there will always be consequences to your actions, and there are certain things that you just don’t do if you want to stay professional, such as:


1. Coming to work intoxicated

Your company really doesn’t care if you went home in the wee hours of the morning wasted, just as long as you can properly function at work the following day. However, if you’re planning to go straight to work after your friend’s all-night bachelorette party, then best call in sick. Aside from the fact that you won’t be able to perform properly in your condition anyway, your teammates may even come to the unfair generalization that you’re someone irresponsible.

2. Stealing

And this isn’t just about swiping another person’s food in your communal fridge. It’s also about stealing ideas and concepts from your teammates just to make yourself look good in your supervisor’s eyes. Respect other people’s efforts, and moreover, respect your skills enough to know that you can also come up with something brilliant.

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3. Involving colleagues in your personal drama

While sharing bits of your life story with officemates you consider as friends is okay, there’s really no need for them to hear you arguing with your boyfriend over the phone, or actually physically involving them in a personal issue that places them in a very uncomfortable situation. You’re at your office to work, not to track down your man’s alleged mistress. Be professional.

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4. Leaving without giving notice

One of the most annoying things you can do to your team is to just suddenly disappear in the middle of a very crucial project. You also have responsibilities and are a vital part of the group, so huwag ka manglaglag. If you really need to go on leave because of a family emergency or because you’re ill, then give proper notice. Your team will appreciate the heads up.

5. Spreading gossip and lies to ruin another’s reputation

There are employees and even managers who for some reason find benefit in ruining another’s reputation. Whether it’s because of jealousy or revenge, toying with your teammate’s career and damaging his or her name is never the right thing to do. Always play fair, because you’d want others to be fair with you, too.


6. Blaming other people

Even if things go south for you and your team, be strong enough to take the blow. Don’t try to put the blame on others. Everybody makes mistakes, but it takes a bigger person to rise from them.

7. Hurting people

Whether physically or verbally, consciously hurting people is a form of harassment and is never tolerated in and out of the workplace. In fact, getting caught hitting, harassing, or even yelling at your teammates can actually cost you your job. Practice kindness. You’ll go farther in your career that way. 

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