While your co-workers are getting promoted one by one, you wonder why your career is still stagnant. If you plan to step up the professional ladder, then you need to re-evaluate yourself and see if you’re guilty of these seven things that could be damaging your career.

Staying silent during meetings
It’s important to voice out your ideas during brainstorming–your boss or co-workers aren’t mind readers and keeping quiet all the time sends a message that you’re disengaged in the discussion. Always try to actively participate in conversations at the office, and make sure that you give positive and innovative ideas that will help the team or the company.

Constant complainers tend to magnify the problem, which is a waste of time and productivity. Learn to accept the things you can’t change and try to suggest ideas that'll actually benefit you, the company, and your colleagues.

Playing the blame game
You don’t have to be Ms. Congeniality all the time, but nobody wants to work with an unlikeable person who always puts the blame on others. Sylvia Hepler, a career development specialist and author of Learning Leadership Through Loss, says, "Pointing fingers at somebody else because you lack necessary skills, experience, appropriate behaviours, or sound judgment causes others in your world to view you as disagreeable.”

Not being able to handle your emotions
If you have sudden bouts of anger and frustration or prone to dramatic tears, it only indicates that you’re not capable of controlling your emotions. People around you might conclude that you can’t manage your feelings and that you can’t maintain a certain level of professionalism.

Making excuses
When you make a mistake, excuses rarely help. If you were late for an important meeting, apologize and stop there–don’t go on whining about being stuck in traffic. Saying sorry while complaining implies you regret being late, but also makes you seem defensive.

Waiting for opportunities
Not all opportunities come knocking at your door. For some, you have to go out there and find them yourself. Success isn’t something that’s served to you on a silver platter; you have to be an active advocate of your own victory. For starters, try networking with people who are outside your department or attempt to engage in small talk with them. The next big opportunity may be just around the corner.

Not meeting the deadline
Turning in your work just "a little late" can be considered career sabotage. It gives your boss and your co-workers the impression that you’re unreliable. Plus, not meeting the deadline while others are waiting is a sign that you're disrespecting your colleagues’ time and effort. Be professional enough to submit your requirements and assignments in advance.

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