1. "Should I give my boss a gift?"
The simple answer is no. According to TIME.com, there are etiquette rules to follow when it comes to giving gifts to your superiors. Gift-giving in the workplace should flow downwards and not upwards. This rule was made so that employees are not obliged to buy gifts for their bosses since "managers should never benefit from the power dynamic in that way."

2. "If everyone is giving my boss a gift, would not giving one make me look bad?"
If you’re not sure whether you should give your boss a gift or not, base your decision on the environment of the workplace–there are offices that have strict regulations when it comes to employer-employee relationships. It’s also important to know your boss, too. Are they the type to willingly accept gifts or would they be uncomfortable with receiving one? Always consider these questions.

3. "What should I do if I’m asked to chip in money for our boss’ gift?"
You can definitely say no to this request–just say it in a nice way and suggest other options wherein you could show gratitude towards your boss this holiday season. You can buy a big card and let everyone write a short note for your managers or bring some treats for the whole office to enjoy.

4. "Should I give gifts to my co-workers?"
Once again, it’s essential to understand the workplace. Some offices prefer not to do exchange gifts while othes organize a Secret Santa gift-giving game. If you really want to show your appreciation for someone by giving him or her gift, best to do it outside the office.

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5. "I have a managerial position. How will I tell my employees that gifts for me are not necessary without sounding rude?"
Just as mentioned in point number one, some offices have rules when it comes to gift giving. The best way to handle this is to talk to your employees. Tell them that you’ll appreciate any gift they’ll give, but working hard and excelling in their respective fields are enough of a gift for you.

6. "Am I obliged to participate in the office Kris Kringle?"
Not really–but if your office plans to hold one, there’s no harm in joining. Stick to general items such as food or gift certificates to restaurants. Avoid giving things that are too personal such as lingerie and perfume.

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