1. "I’m not good at saving."
Let’s be honest: Not everyone can be an expert when it comes to money, but that’s why there are financial advisors who can help you handle your savings. Ask her why and how you should deal with your money or salary the moment it arrives.

2. "I need to buy a lot of things."
Sometimes (or most of the time), the things you say you "need" are really just "wants." Stop saying you "need" to buy something and make it a habit to make a shopping list instead and rank the items from the most to the least important. This way, you can prioritize the items that really matter.

There’s also such a thing called "impulse buying." Psychologist Ian Zimmerman, a contributor for Psychology Today and Assistant Teaching Professor in the Department of Psychological Sciences at the University of Missouri, says retailers trick you into buying something at a discounted rate–even though you’re sure you don’t need it. "That’s the scarcity effect," Zimmerman says. "When people feel they have a limited time, they’re more likely to make a purchase because they worry that if they don’t, they’ll be missing out on something."

3. "I have a stable job and can always make money."
Spending non-stop without having a savings account can be dangerous. Even though you have a steady job that can pay the bills, the rent, and everything else in between, you should still set aside money in case of emergencies. Don’t be too dependent on your current job. Remember, nothing is constant in this world. You don’t have to spend every centavo you earn just because you "can."

4. "It’s too late for me to start saving."
It’s never too late for anything. Once again, if you’re not used to managing your finances, seek professional help from a financial mentor. Let her teach you how you can start eliminating debt, while still saving up for the future. That said, if you think you're already behind, then isn't that all the more reason for you to start NOW?

5. "I can always rely on my credit card in case of an emergency."
Credit cards may seem handy and convenient to use, up until you start missing your payments.

6. "I don’t have enough money for my savings."
While it may be true that not everyone has enough money to spare, you should still allot as much as you can very month. Instead of buying unnecessary items (see point #2), see how much you can collect by the end of the week. A little bit goes a long way.

PHOTO: Flickr Creative Commons/NoHoDamon

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