There are many ways you can catch your potential employer’s attention, but what you want to do is get the right sort of attention, the kind that will compel him or her to request for a copy of your resume. You want to get the kind of attention that will have your interviewer consider sending the rest of the applicants home because, quite frankly, no one else but you will do.

These tips can help you achieve just that!

1. Treat everyone in the office with respect.

From the moment you walk into the office building, make sure you mind your manners. The security guard, the janitress, the secretary—all these people deserve to be treated as you would any other employee. Besides, you never know who might be watching.

2. Be updated in current affairs.

An interview is not always about questions and answers. Sometimes, it’s about how well you hold up a conversation. When your interviewer makes a comment about a particular news headline for example, you don’t want to be caught with zero knowledge, especially if it’s somehow related to the industry you wish to be part of.

3. Use keywords when appropriate.

Knowing which words to use at an interview is highly advantageous for you. If your future employer makes use of a specific keyword during the conversation, try to use it again sometime later. Whether your interviewer notices it or not, using that specific word sends out a signal that you two are on the same wave length, or at least, that you’re a good listener.

4. Ask the smart questions.

When your interviewer asks you if there’s anything you want to clarify, don’t take it an as invitation to ask anything you want. While you can ask about the responsibilities you would have to fulfill should you get hired, save questions like “What is the best commute route here?” or “How long is the lunch break?” for another person. Or if you really must ask your interviewer something so trivial, don’t start or end with it.

5. Bring a small notebook to take down notes with.

Once you’re talking about figures and responsibilities, bring out your small notebook (a large one just seems too grade school), and list down all the important points. It shows great work ethic on your part.

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