Be comfortable.
You would be surprised how comfort plays such a big role at work. Imagine sitting for hours at your desk with an annoying crick on your back—for sure you won’t stop squirming about it. Before you start anything, make sure that you’re sitting properly, and everything is arranged according to your liking: Your computer is at a comfortable distance from you, and you have a foot stool to keep your legs at ease. You’ll feel more productive when your body is relaxed and your area is conducive for work.

List your priorities.
If you have a lot on your plate, list your top three first. This will help you zone in on what needs to be immediately done without being overwhelmed by numerous tasks. Once you've completed them, go back to your list and add other things things that you need to do.

Listen to music.
Cut out distracting ambient sounds and plug in tunes that are lively enough to keep you awake and quiet enough to help you stay focused. Obviously, music preference differs from person to person, so make sure you have your headphones on before turning the volume up. You wouldn’t want to be classified as that annoying officemate who plays music too loud.

Steer clear of online distractions.
Unless you usually use social media to chat with colleagues or you’re a community manager), it may be best to close Facebook and turn off Snapchat for the time being. According to a 2015 study featured on Adweek, an average user spends 1.72 hours on social media daily, and when you think about it, that’s actually enough time to finish one task when you totally focused on it.

Take breaks.
Taking breaks may seem counterproductive, but the opposite is actually true. Taking time off can improve your concentration by lessening physical and mental exhaustion. According to Lifehack, taking microbreaks (30 seconds to 50 minutes) can improve brain sharpness by 13 percent, while a 15-second break every ten minutes can reduce fatigue by 50 percent. If you’re feeling really tired or drowsy, try taking a nap during lunch time (provided that you don’t miss your meal) for around 40 minutes to increase your alertness by 34 percent.


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