The temptation to spend can be overwhelming, but there are ways to keep yourself from succumbing to your inner shopaholic. No, they don't involve literally freezing your credit card (although that might work for some people) or wearing blinders to keep your eyes away from the flashy sale signs (they probably wouldn't match any of your outfits anyway). Check out our suggestions below:

1. Create a comprehensive inventory of your belongings.

Do you really need another hat when you already have five that have hardly been used at the back of your closet? Oh, wait! You don't actually remember buying them, do you? Don't worry; you're not the only one who practices out of sight, out of mind. A lot of other people also struggle to remember exactly how many pairs of jeans or shoes they own. However, there is an easy solution to this dilemma--simply make an inventory of all your things, and spend one whole day getting to know your wardrobe all over again.

2. Check your savings account balance.

Ready for a harsh dose of reality? Check your savings account (if you have one). How much have you set aside since you began working three or four years ago? If you're somewhat emabarrassed by your answer, that means you've probably been spending like crazy since you received your first paycheck. The next time you feel the urge to spend, think of your empty coffers and hold tight to your hard-earned cash.

3. Set up a time deposit account.

Now that you know how little you have in your bank account, it's time to be proactive about the situation. Store a certain percentage of your salary or extra earnings in a time deposit account (or something similar to it). This allows you limited access to your savings, curbing your spending instantly.

4. Set long-term goals.

One of the probable reasons you overspend is because you have a bit of extra cash with you. But if you're saving up for something in the future, say, a car or a trip abroad, then you'd be less willing to part with your money. In lieu of instant gratification (which doesn't really satisfy anybody in the long run), why don't you think of bigger and better goals for yourself?

5. Stay on top of your expenses.

Make a habit of keeping tabs on all your expenses. Not only does this allow you to streamline your daily budget, it also makes you more sensitive to price changes. Is your favorite peanut butter brand more expensive at Store A than Store B? How come this month's water bill is higher than last month's? Knowing these little things can help you make better money decisions and keep you from overspending.

(Photo from Stephanie Smarsh on Pinterest)

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