Another stressful day at the office? You may be used to that drill, but little do you know just how much damage the pressure is causing your body. Aside from the fact that it may lead to diseases ranging from the common cold to stroke, too much stress may also lead to premature aging. Apparently, your telomeres (the biological markers of aging) grow shorter quicker when you’re exposed to immense stress. Don’t speed the aging process up just because you have impossible deadlines, impatient clients, and intimidating bosses. Let these tips help you put a roadblock on aging, at least, for a little while.

1. Drink tea.

Were you just on the receiving end of your boss’s foul temper? De-stress instantly with a cup of black tea. According to Reader’s Digest Asia, drinking black tea four times a day for more than a month may help lower levels of cortisol after a particularly stressful event. With a cap on the stress hormone, you may also save yourself from aging overnight.

2. Munch on fruits rich in antioxidants.

Antioxidants are not only effective against stress but also help fight aging. As a preventive measure, bring blueberries or grapes as baon to work, suggests They’re inconspicuous enough not to distract (or annoy) your co-workers and are infinitely better alternatives to junk food.

3. Give yourself a hand massage.

If you can’t wait until after office hours to get a full body massage, give yourself a simple hand massage instead. Bring a small tube of lotion at work so you can give your hands some much-deserved TLC. This doesn’t just help your muscles relax (carpal tunnel syndrome, anyone?), but it also keeps your hands soft and well-nourished.

4. Squeeze in mini-stretches every other hour or so.

Hunching on your back for more than a few hours can make your muscles stiff and perhaps even put you at risk for arthritis. To lessen the burden on your joints, do a few stretches right in your cubicle. says that this may “boost the range of motion of your joints.” If you want to flex your joints more, you can always excuse yourself to the ladies’ room and do more limber stretches there.

5. Take a break from your computer screen.


Spending too much time in front of your computer screen may age you prematurely. According to the Daily Mail, a lot of women now suffer from a “computer” face, which is characterized by saggy jowls and deep set wrinkles on their foreheads. Give yourself repose by turning away from the screen for 10 minutes at a time. Write your notes on paper, or leaf through a magazine during breaks. And if you’re already working with a computer during office hours, try to avoid doing the same at home.

(Photo from Fab via Emily Rhodus on Pinterest)

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