Success stories aren’t written overnight. For some, it takes a great deal of hard work, patience, and even bouts of creative block to carve their own path. To add to this, women even need to work twice as hard, given the existing disparities in workplaces. While there’s still a lot of work to be done, we remain positive in crafting a forward-thinking future where equitable spaces are celebrated, and successful women come at the forefront.


We tracked down four of the coolest, savviest Pinays we know for an intimate panel discussion on Facebook in partnership with ZP Therapeutics. These women, who work for different industries, have had their fair share of struggles and invaluable lessons throughout their careers, and we can’t help sharing them all with you.

Below, read on and get inspired by their quality advice on how to thrive no matter your chosen field.

1. Charity Delmo, CEO, Ideal Visa Consultancy

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Career lesson #1: Be a thoughtful and compassionate leader.

“I am very sensitive with what’s happening in our staff. What keeps me up everyday talaga is the lives of my people. I am encouraged to always work harder not only for me and for my family, but lagi ko tinitingnan how else can we help [our employees] sa buhay nila. Profit is good, but how else can we elevate the lives of our employees?”

2. Reese Fernandez, Founder, Rags2Riches, Inc.


Career lesson #2: Align your goals with your personal values.

“In the beginning, it was really all about the artisans. We wanted to support their lives and create a positive impact. It’s still the same up to now, but now there’s an additional component to it. I personally believe that you have to live your life according to values. Because if not, that’s a very sad way to live. If you make decisions and start businesses, they all have to reflect your values. R2R is living my values. One of them is providing opportunities to others and planting as many positive seeds as I can so that in the future, there’s a beautiful garden that everyone can enjoy.”

3. Abbie Victorino, Founder and CEO, GoGenie Solutions, Inc.


Career lesson #3: Have courage to pursue anything you want, and pivot when necessary.

“After graduating Marketing, I tried my luck in an advertising agency. But it’s really my childhood dream to become a flight attendant and a model, so I tried both. Nakapasa naman. To be honest, modeling is not something I thought I could do because I had insecurities. But by God’s will, naging okay naman. Somewhere down the line, I wanted to do something market and fashion-related so I went back to the Philippines and I accidentally landed a job in an E-commerce firm and fell in love. I loved the idea of growing a business online and selling products that can change people’s lives.”

4. Sheenly Gener, Award-winning actress and director


Career lesson #4: Maximize your voice.

“I’m directing my first full length-film this year. It’s supposed to be produced during the pandemic but na-delay siya. In accepting roles or teaching, I always make sure that I know the voice I’m representing. I make sure that even if it’s just a small role, I give justice to that voice because that’s important. Feeling ko hero ako, if na-execute ko siya ng ayos. That’s my pride as a storyteller."

Editor's note: Responses have been edited for clarity and bevity.

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