For some women, budgeting is a torturous process. It’s stressful, taxing, and frustrating. Other women, however, simply sail right through it. Find out how they do it below:

1. Set aside time to review your finances.
Don’t look at your budget after coming home from the office. Chances are, you’d be tired, sore, and stressed. Instead, set aside a specific day for it, preferably one when you know you don’t have anything to do. Do it a day after you’ve had a good night’s sleep, so your mind is clearer and more prepared to handle necessary budget cuts.

2. Choose the perfect budgeting nook.
A messy home or office is not conducive for any kind of work. If you want to look at your finances while staying stress-free, why not do your accounting somewhere nice and cozy like a nearby coffee shop? Order a nice cup of java and lose yourself in numbers. Reward yourself with a decadent slice of cake once you’re finished.

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3. Streamline the process.
Another way you can take the stress out of budgeting is by using an app to help you with your figures. Toshl Finance, Money Lover, Spending Tracker—most of these apps are free with affordable upgrades.

(Photo by David M. Goehring via Flickr Creative Commons)

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