Check writers should be extra careful this year. When 2020 clocked in, aside from remembering to write 2020 instead of 2019, you should also be wary of the contracted forms of the year 2020.

For example, instead of writing 06-01-20 for June 1, 2020, you should write the entire year out, that is, 06-01-2020. Gone is the convenience of writing the last two digits of the year because anyone can add two digts and change the date to 06-01-2018 or 06-01-2019 or any year in the millennium. That could leave an opportunity for checks and legal documents to be pre-dated or post-dated by unscrupulous characters.

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Never accept, receive, or submit documents bearing the year in this contracted format. Always insist on having the year 2020 written or typed out completely, especially if these are checks or legal documents. Doing so increases the risk of your legal documents being tampered with.  

Thankfully, this potential problem will only exist in the year 2020.

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