1209894_11404408.jpgHere’s a common scenario for working moms in many homes: you toss some eggs in the pan for fast-and-easy breakfast, prepare the table before your kids come in, leave them to eat alone while you take a shower and prepare for work (whether you’ll be going to the office or working at home), and give your kids instructions on what to do while you’re away or busy—or make arrangements for them to tag along with you at work.

Most working moms may have lived this scenario day in and day out in the past—or perhaps even now. Perhaps they’re left with no choice but to leave their kids alone at home to fend for themselves so they can attend to work and earn a decent living. Leaving your kids home alone may be acceptable if your eldest is a responsible enough to look after his or her siblings or if you have a nanny or any family member who can attend to them. But if your kids are still young and no help is around, it’s best to keep an eye on them, even if it means bringing them to work.

Although you’d think it’s a different story for work-at-home mommies, who may have better time to adjust duties according to their liking or pace, this is not always the case. Many WAHMS still admit to being victims of overwork and stress, just like moms who work in offices or other workplaces.

Keep in mind that it takes real maturity to deal with the highs and lows of parenting. In life, however, there’s always a purpose and a time for everything. But being a working parent (or any kind of parent, really) is all about recognizing the fact that, despite the outright chaos having kids in your life can create, the chance you watch your kids grow, the moments you can carve out of your busy day to spend time with them, and the memories you’ll keep even when they’re grown and are parents themselves—these make the juggling act worth it, and then some.

This is why FN wants to help you out as much as possible. We have gathered some ideas that just might keep you off the ground despite a harried lifestyle and jam-packed schedule. Check out the slideshow below for tips on juggling motherhood and a busy working life.

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