Mommy knows how to stretch the budget while we kids get to enjoy the perks of life. And once we become adults, we turn to mommy dearest to ask for money advice. How does she do it? Is there a supermom/accountant/financial expert gene that's embedded in her DNA? We round up the best money-saving tip from our mothers.

  1. Never buy anything for the full price, always wait for sales. - Kabbie

  2. Always, always save. You are your savings, my mom would always say. - Jacque

  3. Spend your money on food (nutrition and sustainance) rather than on material things - Kris

  4. Always pay your credit card bill in full. - Bea

  5. Your credit card is not an extension of your budget. - Paula

  6. Learn to prioritize your expenses. Place urgent expenses on top of your list, so you've got the important expenses covered already. - Grace

  7. Never spend more than what you earn, and save at least one-fourth of what you earn. - April

  8. Part of what you make monthly should be allotted to savings, instead of putting into savings what is left of it. Treat yourself, otherwise you will never enjoy hard work. - Trizha

How about you, FNites? What are the best money advice your mothers have given you?

(Photo courtesy of Carissa Rogers via Flickr Creative Commons)

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