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Sophia Amoruso is the founder, CEO, and creative director of the hugely successful online retail store Nasty Gal. She's also the author of #GIRLBOSS, the modern almanac for girl-getters. In her book, which she says isn’t meant to be a business guide, a feminist manifesto, or even a memoir, she shares her journey from a troubled teen to the woman responsible for a $100 million plus business. Want to be just like her? Follow these #GIRLBOSS principles!

1. Life is short. Don’t be lazy.

Those are Amoruso’s exact words in the first chapter of her book. No kidding! You can spend the day whining about how life is unfair or you can actually start doing something about it.

2. There is no one path to the top.
You don't always have to follow the conventional route to success. In fact, Amoruso thought she was going to end up stuck in loser lane when the obvious route of hourly jobs and community college didn’t work for her. "But I always suspected that I was destined for, and that I was capable of, something bigger," she writes in her book. "That something turned out to be Nasty Gal, but you know what? I didn’t find Nasty Gal. I created it."

3. Heed those wake-up calls.
Learn to recognize turning points in your life and use them as a jumping-off point for something better. For Amoruso, one of them was when she got caught shoplifting at the age of 20. It’s not something that the CEO is proud of, but she calls the incident "humbling and humiliating and a huge wake-up call."

4. Working from home is not a vacation.
When Nasty Gal was just starting out, Amoruso’s platform was eBay where there were very real consequences for missing deadlines. If she uploaded her items late or if she responded too slowly, her customers could be disappointed and bid on something else.

5. Don't take no for answer.
Half a year after launching Nasty Gal’s own website, Amoruso and her first employee, Christina Ferrucci, went to a trade show where they expressed interest in working with shoe brand Jeffrey Campbell. They were instantly shot down, but Amoruso, in typical Amoruso fashion, rarely listens to a "No." "I marched back, opened up my smartphone, and showed Jeffrey what he was missing out on nastygalvintage.com,"she narrates. "Soon after, we were Jeffrey Campbell’s newest online store and to this day we are one of his biggest customers."

PHOTO: Instagram @sophia_amoruso

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