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A new reveals shows that you may burn more fat in cooler climates and when you eat a lot of spicy food.

Metro Manila to Expect Rainy Weather Today

The weather bureau said that the city and its nearby provinces will be experiencing cloudy, rainy skies throughout the week.

Monsoon Rains Cause Floods in Metro Manila, Nearby Provinces

Classes have been suspended in various levels in the area due to the inclement weather.

"Maring" Causes Heavy Rains Across Luzon

Residents of Metro Manila and several provinces are warned to prepare for the floods that the storm is expected to cause.

Hot Weather May Cause Hotter Heads, Study Says

It's important to learn how to cool down and back off, especially during warmer days.

Expect More Rains until the Weekend, Says PAGASA

The strong rains that brought about unexpected floods in Metro Manila are caused by the presence of a tropical depression in the Philippine territory.

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After "Juan," Here Comes "Katring"

Keep yourself up-to-date and aware as another weather disturbance weaves it's way to the Philippines.