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Why We Shouldn't Blame Victims of Sexual Abuse

Senator Sotto is in hot water for victim-shaming a woman on live TV.

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Female Network lists down the top headlines of the year.

Senator Tito Sotto Says Kennedy Letter Might Be from a "Professional Manipulator of the Internet"

The senator says that the renewed complaints against him were simply rehashed.

Kerry Kennedy Slams Senator Tito Sotto for Plagiarism

The daughter of the late Robert F. Kennedy has directly accused Senator Sotto of plagiarizing one of her father's most famous speeches.

US-based Bloggers to File a Plagiarism Complaint against Tito Sotto

The senator says the complaint will be a "welcome development" on his part.

Tito Sotto Plans to File a Bill Junking Libel

The Senator says he intends to abolish libel completely.

Tito Sotto Accused of Plagiarizing Robert Kennedy's Speech

The controversial senator is once again facing criticism for including translated portions of the late U.S. senator's speech in his latest statement against the RH bill.

Tito Sotto Claims to be a Victim of Cyberbullying

The senator has fired back at his detractors, saying that plagiarism is not a crime in our country.

Tito Sotto's Camp Admits Using Sarah Pope's Blog

The senator's chief of staff had confessed that parts of his speech against the RH Bill were lifted from a US-based blog.

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