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Violent Video Games May Affect Teens' Personalities, Says Study

Recent research reveals that teens who play violent video games may be more prone to aggressive behavior.

Staying Up Late May Affect the Emotional and Mental Growth of Teens

Parents should encourage their children to sleep early for better academic and emotional development.

Cyberbullying Is Harder to Process Than Direct Bullying, Says Study

Experts reveal that knowing the nuances of online and offline bullying may help teens cope better with these negative experiences.

Adolescents May Mimic Negative Relationship Qualities of Mothers, Says Study

The way you interact with other people may become your children's basis for relating with their friends.

The Candy Girl's Guide to Partying

Arm yourself--and your daughter, niece, or inaanak--with valuable information by checking out Candy magazine's November 2013 issue!

Limit Kids' Internet Usage to Two Hours a Day, Experts Say

Parents should set ground rules in using the Internet in order to avoid abuse.

Communicating with your Teen May Reduce Risk of Mental Health Disorders

Talking and listening to your child may help her become more grounded and balanced.

Caffeinated Drinks May Slow Down Brain Development in Young Adults

Children and teens should lessen their caffeine intake in order to promote deep sleep and mental development.

Regularly Doing Breathing Exercises May Lessen Impulsive Behavior in Teens

Calming the body and the mind may improve logical thinking and lower chances of indulging in reckless behavior.

Prenatal Exposure to Cigarette Smoke May Increase Addiction Risk in Children

A recent study shows that nicotine may affect a baby's brain formation, blunting his or her sense or satisfaction once he or she gets older.

Hovering Parents May Keep Their Children From Being Independent

Helicopter parenting may undermine a child's capability to solve problems on her own.

Family and Faculty Support May Help Teens Battle Sleep Problems and Depression

Letting your kids know that they are loved may help them grow up well-adjusted.

A Text Message a Day May Help Improve Conditions of Asthmatic Children

Recent research shows that using one of the most basic functions of your mobile phone may help keep wheezing spells away.

Nagging Teens About Dietary Changes May Cause More Problems

Showing kids how to eat healthy is one thing, but pushing them to eat more or eat less may fail to promote good dietary habits.

Kick The Cigarette Habit By Walking, Says Study

Researchers recommend young smokers to take moderately long walks to lessen the urge to light a stick.

Teen Instructors More Likely to Inspire Positive Health Changes in Kids

Young and relatable role models can help children lose weight and live healthier lifestyles.

Maintaining Open Communication Lines with Your Teens May Reduce Alcoholic Binges

Broaching the topic of drinking to teenage kids before entering college may have a stronger effect than most parents think.