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J&J Philippines Defies Common Notion with ”?"See the Real Me” Teen-Powerment Advocacy

Campaign challenges the status quo that to sell one's products, one must sacrifice teens' self-confidence.

Extreme Fear of Gaining Weight Common among Teens

Watching your weight to stay healthy is okay, but being obsessed about it may have serious repercussions.

Staying Up Late May Affect the Emotional and Mental Growth of Teens

Parents should encourage their children to sleep early for better academic and emotional development.

Cyberbullying Is Harder to Process Than Direct Bullying, Says Study

Experts reveal that knowing the nuances of online and offline bullying may help teens cope better with these negative experiences.

Adolescents May Mimic Negative Relationship Qualities of Mothers, Says Study

The way you interact with other people may become your children's basis for relating with their friends.

Freddie Aguilar's Girlfriend Not Allowed to Leave the Country

Freddie Aguilar's girlfriend was supposed to accompany him during his concert in Malaysia.

Communicating with your Teen May Reduce Risk of Mental Health Disorders

Talking and listening to your child may help her become more grounded and balanced.

Teen Instructors More Likely to Inspire Positive Health Changes in Kids

Young and relatable role models can help children lose weight and live healthier lifestyles.

Younger Adults More Inclined to Have Sex with Exes

Researchers warn that "relationship churning" is physically and emotionally risky.

Muscular Strength in One's Teenage Years May Be an Indicator of Mortality

A study suggests that low muscular strength may predict an increase of psychiatric and cardiovascular diseases that may cause early death.

Mom Makes iPhone Contract for Teenage Son + Would you make the same rules for your own child?

What do you think of the limitations this mom set for her 13-year-old son? Answer our poll!

Filipino Teens Want Sex Education in School

Teenagers surveyed by a local news channel have voiced out their desire to learn about sex from authority figures.

Parents Have a Hard Time Talking to Their Teenagers about Weight Problems, According to Study

Researchers say that there's a better way of approaching your teenager about getting fit.

Study Explains Reckless Behavior in Teenagers

A new study explains why adolescents enjoy doing crazy things.

Overweight Teens with Positive Body Image Less Prone to Depression

Programs targeting obesity in teenagers might want to start with helping them build a better body image.

Teen Drivers Easily Distracted by Passengers

Research shows your teen's behavior behind the wheel can worsen because of his driving companions.

Blogging Found to Be Therapeutic for Socially Anxious Teens

Research shows you can ease your teens' social inhibitions by encouraging them to blog.

Teens Who Watch TV with High Sexual Content More Likely to Get Pregnant

Research shows that teenagers are easily influenced by what they watch on TV.