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Supreme Court Stops Implementation of RH Law

The high tribunal has voted 10-5 in favor of the law's execution due to the filing of several petitions against it.

Supreme Court Extends TRO Against Cybercrime Act

The controversial law's implementation will remain on hold until further order from the high court.

Supreme Court Asked to Take Down Several Provisions of the Cybercrime Law

A number of those who petitioned against the Cybercrime Law asked the high tribunal to remove unconstitutional and vague sections of the law.

First Petition Filed Against the RH Law

The Supreme Court has been asked to stop the implementation of the controversial law.

Lourdes Sereno Appointed as Chief Justice

The 52-year-old magistrate is the Philippines' first female Chief Justice.

The Supreme Court Acquits Hubert Webb + Do You Think that the DOJ Should Reopen the Vizconde Case?

The Supreme Court's decision absolves Hubert Webb. Do you think the case should be reopened?