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Kids Who Receive Individualized Instruction May Develop Sharper Reading Skills

Giving your child one-on-one reading lessons may help her perform better in school.

Motivation May Predict Performance in College, Says Study

College kids who attend school to study areas of interest and to challenge themselves are more likely to do well academically.

Meditation May Improve Academic Performance

A bit of quiet time may go a long way with improving grades, a recent study suggests.

Whiz Kids: Being Conscientious May Help Children Excel in School

Academic excellence isn't only brought about by smarts, but by attitude as well.

Taking Tests May Improve Memory and Help Adults Learn More

Testing what you've learned can supplement your studying, research suggests.

Children Learn Better with a Mix of Academics and Play

It's not all about hard ABC: a child's curriculum should include interaction, imagination, and play.

Your Child's Friends May Affect Her Grades, Study Suggests

The kind of crowd your teen hangs out with may predict her academic standing.

Teenagers Feel Educationally Deprived Without Home Internet Access

Contrary to what many parents believe, teens actually do more than go on Facebook or Twitter when going online.

5 Habits to Break Your Tween Out of the Holiday Mode

The holidays were all well and good, but school's back on and your tween should be, too.

School Blues: What to Do When Your Child Has a Learning Disorder

What do you do when your child's teacher tells you that your kid is not doing as well as she should be in class?

The A+ School Plan: Make School Fun and Productive for Your Child

Help your child have balance academics, extracurriculars, and down time with this guide.

Children Who Are Poor at Math May Have Math Anxiety

Research shows that a fear of numbers can hamper your children's ability to understand their lessons.

Kids Under Too Much Pressure Are Less Likely to Do Well in School

These children may be so afraid of failing they end up hesitating in the face of more difficult lessons.

Girls Do Better at Arithmetic Because of Their Verbal Skills

Research shows that improving your children's verbal skills can lead to better grades in math.