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Shingles May Increase Risk of Cardiovascular Issues and Stroke

New research reveals that the disease may be a health risk especially for those below 40 years old.

Lowering Obesity-Related Factors May Reduce Heart Disease and Stroke Risk

Monitoring and controlling blood pressure, cholesterol, and sugar may lower the risk of fatal diseases.

DIY Activities May Lower Risk of Heart Problems in Older Adults

Remaining active in your older years may help you fight off life-threatening conditions.

Vitamin B May Lower Stroke Risk

Taking vitamin B supplements may help protect you from stroke.

A Mediterranean Diet May Lower Stroke Risk in Individuals Predisposed to the Condition

If you have a family history of stroke, researchers recommend shifting to a healthier diet.

Physical Activity May Lower Stroke Risk, Says Study

Getting fit may protect you from obesity and hypertension, lowering your chances of suffering a stroke.

Total Amount of Exercise More Important Than Frequency, Says Study

It's not how often you exercise that counts, but how much total exercise you get.

Depression May Increase Stroke Risk in Middle-Aged Women

Experts believe that early intervention may lower the effects and risks for both.

Air Pollution May Trigger Thickening of Arteries, Study Says

Exposing yourself to high amounts of air particulates may have negative effects on your blood vessels.

Maintaining a Positive Outlook Helps Lower Stroke Risk

Research says that knowing your purpose may just keep you mentally, emotionally, and even physically healthy.

Lowering Salt and Increasing Potassium Intake May Reduce Risk of Cardiovascular Conditions and Stroke

To lower your blood pressure, researchers recommend lowering salt and increasing potassium content in what you eat.

Coffee and Green Tea Attributed to Lower Stroke Risk

Japanese researchers found that antioxidants from coffee and green tea can help unclog your blood vessels.

Walking At Least Three Hours a Week May Lower Stroke Risk

Research shows that a few hours of moderate exercise weekly may keep you heart healthy.

Smoking, Drinking, and Drug Abuse May Cause Stroke in Younger Adults

The more you take your health for granted, the greater the risks you expose yourself to.

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