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Playing with Other Kids May Help Children with Autism

Interacting with other kids is important for the social development of autistic children.

Kids with Chronic Stomach Aches May Suffer from Anxiety Disorder as Adults

Parents should train their children to manage physical pain brought about by stress to avoid suffering from anxiety when they grow up.

Choir Singing May Help Regulate Heart Rate, Says Study

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Family Dinners May Promote Better Mental Health in Adolescents

Although food has great impact on a teen's well-being, the company she also eats with matters.

Facebook May Improve Lolo's and Lola's Cognitive Abilites

Keeping your grandparents socially and mentally active may help them stay sharp.

Social Activities May Help Alleviate Depression

Having coffee with someone or simply starting a conversation may aid patients battling depression.

Making Eye Contact with Others Fulfills Their Need for Human Connection

Research shows even strangers can help you feel a sense of belonging--and you can do the same for them.

Overweight Kids Today May Have Difficulty Fitting in Years Later

Research shows that children who start school obese are likely to develop poor social skills.

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