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You Can No Longer Share Photos Without Consent, According to the Safe Spaces Act

The Safe Spaces Act has put heavier penalties for online sexual harassment than those occurring in physical public spaces.

The 2 Sides of the Gretchen Fullido-Cheryl Favila Sexual Harassment Case

Both parties recently released lists of messages to support each one's claims.

Jerika Ejercito and Melissa Ricks Fully Support Gretchen Fullido

Bianca Gonzalez-Intal and Ethel Booba also tweet their thoughts on Gretchen Fullido's sexual harassment complaint vs ABS-CBN executives.

Must-Know Details About the Gretchen Fullido vs. ABS-CBN Executives Case

Gretchen Fullido also filed libel cases against two news executives of ABS-CBN.

Rhian Ramos: 'I'm Inspired by the Women Who Fought Back'

Rhian encourages everyone to 'protect one another' following an incident where a stranger touched her without consent.

Female Managers and Supervisors May Face More Sexual Harassment

A recent study indicates that women in power may find themselves targets for harassment and social isolation, especially in male-dominated workplaces.