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Heart Evangelista Not Yet Ready to Settle Down

The actress says she doesn't see herself tying the knot anytime soon.

Heart Evangelista Relishes Newfound Independence

The actress, who says she is learning a lot by personally managing her daily life, admits that she and her parents are not yet okay.

Chiz Escudero and Heart Evangelista Defend Their Relationship

The couple reveals that they initially didn't have any problems with Heart's parents.

Chiz Escudero Says He Is Affected by His Rift with Heart Evangelista's Parents

The senator maintains that he is still open to reconciling with Rey and Cecile Ongpauco.

Heart Evangelista Considers Marrying Without Her Parents' Consent

The 28-year-old actress has already accepted that her parents will never deem anyone good enough for her.

Heart Evangelista Believes That Chiz Escudero is "Worth It"

The actress says that she will still fight for her boyfriend despite her parents' disapproval of their relationship.

Chiz Escudero Refuses to Comment on Former President Joseph Estrada's Rumored Involvement with Heart Evangelista's Parents

The senator also insisted that he will never use his relationship with the actress as a way to gain more votes.

Heart Evangelista Speaks Up on Her Parents' Claims about Chiz Escudero

The actress asks her parents, Rey and Cecile Ongpauco, to leave her relationship with the senator alone.

Cecile Ongpauco Suspects that Chiz Escudero is Financially Manipulating Her Daughter Heart Evangelista

Heart's mother says her family was deeply hurt by the actress' romance with the senator.

Heart Evangelista's Parents Explain Why Chiz Escudero is "Unacceptable" for Their Daughter

The actress' parents, Cecile and Rey Ongpauco, had released a statement enumerating the reasons why they disapprove of the senator.

Heart Evangelista's Parents Disapprove of Chiz Escudero for Their Daughter

Heart's parents, Rey and Cecile Ongpauco, had appealed to the senator to leave their child alone.