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After years of moving around, this family has finally found home.

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Existing antique pieces, a fresh coat of paint, and a smart new layout transform this airy, multifunctional lanai.

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A couple lets their hair down in their relaxing (and kiddie-friendly) renovated home, refurbished by yet another couple!

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A daughter surprises her mommy dearest with a fresh-faced modern space.

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A bleak basement bedroom blossoms into a gorgeous space.

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A drab, cluttered 30-sqm shoebox was transformed into a neat and girly haven for its four dwellers.

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Solving baby and yaya space problems paved the way for a much brighter, roomier condo unit

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A designer puts the "fun" in "functional" in this multi-person, multi-purpose bedroom.

Real Living helps one woman show off her antiques with a Real Makeover

RL's October 2011 issue showed how the staff turned a self-made woman's home into a treasure trove of antique woodwork and Coke collectibles.

Real Makeover: Paint the Room Red

A living room stuck in the 1980s gets an updated dose of passion and flair.