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Raymart Santiago Said to Have Difficulty Spending Time with His Kids

A source says that the actor's few visits to his kids have not gone well.

Claudine Barretto's Camp Questions PPO Case Hearing

According to the actress's lawyers, her rights were clearly violated.

Gretchen Barretto Testifies against Claudine Barretto

The family quarrel has gone to court as Gretchen testifies against her youngest sister.

Gretchen Barretto Willing to Testify against Claudine Barretto

The actress says she can stand as a witness if there will be a court hearing for the Violence Against Women and Children case that her younger sister filed against Raymart Santiago.

Marjorie Barretto Defends Herself against Her Father's Claim That She Is a "Bad Child"

"Give me a rundown of the reasons why you think I have been a bad daughter," the actress asked of her dad, Mike Barretto.

Claudine Barretto Reveals that She Does Not Have a Pre-Nup with Raymart Santiago

The actress questions her estranged husband's true motives for accusing her of using drugs.

Claudine Barretto Willing to Undergo Drug Test

The actress's camp says she's ready to face Raymart Santiago's accusations that she is a drug user.

Raymart Santiago to File for Annulment from Claudine Barretto

The actor hopes that he and Claudine can settle their legal disputes amicably.

Raymart Santiago Submits Evidence against Claudine Barretto

The actor claims that he had suffered physical violence from Claudine.

Claudine Barretto's Camp Finds Theft Complaint "Suspicious"

The actress's lawyer, Atty. Ferdinand Topacio, claims that her estranged husband Raymart Santiago wants to distract her from the cases she filed against him.

Gretchen Barretto Defends Randy Santiago

The actress's daughter, Dominique Cojuanco, also responded to her detractors.

Claudine Barretto Sues Raymart Santiago for Violence Against Women

The actress claims to have evidence that will prove that she was abused by her estranged husband.

Raymart Santiago Denies Claudine Barretto's Allegations

The actor insists that his brother, Randy Santiago, was only protecting him.

Claudine Barretto Speaks Up on Alleged "Bullying" by Raymart Santiago's Family

The actress says that she isn't afraid to expose the "secrets" of the Santiago family.

Raymart Santiago Denies Abusing Claudine Barretto

Claudine's lawyer, Atty. Ferdinand Topacio, insists that the temporary protection order she filed against Raymart was not a publicity stunt.

Claudine Barretto Files Temporary Protection Order against Raymart Santiago

The actress is hoping to prevent her estranged husband to get near her and her two children.