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Pinoy Eclectic Style: Artistic Abode

Step inside a choreographer's stylish home, where creativity of the mind and body finds a stage for expression.

Pinoy Eclectic Style: A Villa Resurrected

An architect infuses charming French Asian sensibilities into a 139-year-old ancestral home-turned-bed and breakfast.

Pinoy Eclectic Style: Bare Essentials

This minimalist mountaintop home is the perfect place to rest and relax.

Pinoy Eclectic Style: Boho Kubo

A sculptor takes nipa hut living to an enviably quirky high.

Pinoy Eclectic Style: Art House

Sculptures, and culture take center stage in this contemporary take on the Filipino home

Pinoy Eclectic Style: Dog-Friendly Decor

Old world interiors and fancy murals are an elegant foil for a house designed for the people--and the canines--who would live in it.

Pinoy Eclectic Style: Back to Basics

This simple house gives the best provincial life has to offer--with a few surprising Filipiniana touches.

Pinoy Eclectic Style: Practical Magic

Equal parts cozy cottage and quirky abode, a family house south of Manila flourishes with low-key refinement.

Pinoy Eclectic Style: House of Hand-me-downs and Memories

This cozy bungalow is a charming repository of heirloom pieces, family memorabilia, and four-legged creatures.

Pinoy Eclectic Style: Tropical Punch

This tropical home, tailored to its owner's preferences, exudes a unique blend of character, style, and personality.

Pinoy Eclectic style: Provincial Home

This second home in Lipa, Batangas provides much-needed rest and relaxation away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Pinoy Eclectic style: Room for Drama

This actor's home serves as a stage for his dramatic personality.

Pinoy Eclectic style: Country cottage

This charming country cottage in Laguna is seemingly straight out of the pages of a storybook.

Pinoy Eclectic style: Family home

This work-in-progress home constantly evolves as it keeps up with the growing family living in it.

Pinoy Eclectic style: Home gallery

Personal collections are best shared and displayed, and this house does that to perfection.