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Modern Asian Style: Old and New

A family stirs things up with a major makeover but still infuses their own unique personalities into their spacious home.

Modern Asian Style: True Home

This home is just like its owner: warm, engaging, and with an interesting story to tell.

Modern Asian Style: Filipino Flair

A family based in Norway asks a designer to turn their 30-sqm Philippine home into one that subtly reflects their Pinoy roots.

Modern Asian Style: Asian Spice

This family mixes antique furniture, Oriental pieces, and abstract art to produce a totally urban effect.

Modern Asian Style: In Vivid Color

A city girl gets to live large with happy hues.

Modern Asian Style: Living in Paradise

Inspired by the rich culture of Asia, this homeowner turned her home into a paradise.

Modern Asian Style: A Clean, Well-Lighted Place

This family home offers a cool, elegant take on tropical architecture.

Pinoy Postmodern Style: Artist's Home

This sculptor's home is filled with fine art and fond memories.

Modern Asian Style: Wooden Style for Small Spaces

This tiny condo unit gets a big facelift with warm wood finishes and custom-made furnishings.

Modern Asian Style: Urban Retreat

This award-winning house is a surprising oasis in the midst of a busy city.

Modern Asian style: Open Plan Home

A fantastic renovation turned this family home into a bright, modern, and flood-free zone.

Modern Asian style: Resort-style home

The breezy openness and clean lines of this modern home were inspired by world-class resorts.

Modern Asian style: One bedroom condo

An open plan and a bright, modern Filipino-inspired theme make this small condo unit warm and welcoming.

Modern Asian style: Two storey suburban home

Lots of open space, the use of simple bold lines, and warm wood furniture combine to create the feel of this modern Asian home.