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Pinoy Eclectic Style: The Perfect Weave

A somber townhouse gets updated with homegrown details woven into modern pieces. The result? A totally unexpected Pinoy home.

Modern Asian Style: From Asia With Love

A former expat finds her way back to her home country with her exotic furniture collection in tow.

Modern Asian Style: Bachelor Bash

A mod-meets-retro pad fulfills a bachelor's design instincts.

Modern Asian Style: Old and New

A family stirs things up with a major makeover but still infuses their own unique personalities into their spacious home.

Modern Asian Style: True Home

This home is just like its owner: warm, engaging, and with an interesting story to tell.

Modern Asian Style: Filipino Flair

A family based in Norway asks a designer to turn their 30-sqm Philippine home into one that subtly reflects their Pinoy roots.

Modern Asian Style: Asian Spice

This family mixes antique furniture, Oriental pieces, and abstract art to produce a totally urban effect.

Modern Asian Style: In Vivid Color

A city girl gets to live large with happy hues.

Modern Asian Style: House of Harmony

For this musical director, creating proper harmony takes time--for his home, he's taking all the time he needs.

Modern Asian Style: Living in Paradise

Inspired by the rich culture of Asia, this homeowner turned her home into a paradise.

Modern Asian Style: In the House of Stone and Light

A weekend home receives a fresh makeover that highlights nature at its very best.

Modern Asian Style: Minimally Yours

An architect builds his dream home--minimalist and modern--in serene Negros.

Modern Asian Style: Half and Half

A meeting of minds between homeowner and designer, even when a house is close to completion, can bring about a satisfying result. This home is one example.

Modern Asian Style: Welcome to the Temple

Limited space doesn't do anything to detract from the relaxing ambiance of this Asian-inspired sanctuary.

Modern Asian Style: Full Circle

A family home reveals bright new beginnings and treasures from its past.

Modern Asian Style: Look, Ma...No Living Room

And there's a sofa by the kitchen, as well! See how the owners of this home rethink the typical designer house in the land of durian.