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3 Celebrity Tweets That Shouldn't Have Been Tweeted

These celebs' dubious posts prove that some things are best left untweeted.

Rhian Ramos Denies Being in a Relationship with KC Montero

The actress says she's not looking for a boyfriend at the moment.

Mo Twister Denies Uploading "Intimate" Video of Him and Rhian Ramos on YouTube

The TV host claims he didn't even have a copy of the video on his laptop.

New Video of Rhian Ramos and Mo Twister Posted on YouTube

In the video, the two celebrities exchange kisses and affectionate gestures.

Sen. Lacson Confirms Romance between Son Jeric and Rhian Ramos

The senator says he won't interfere in their relationship.

Mo Twister Refutes Rhian Ramos's Statement: "I did not harass her."

The TV host sent a letter to to respond to Rhian's statements on December 7.

Rhian Ramos to File Case against Mo Twister, Asks for Temporary Protection Order

Meanwhile, Mo issued a statement apologizing to GMA-7 for implicating them in his leaked video diary on YouTube.

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